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Registering for a free preview of Energy News Today is reserved for potential clients and those obtaining specific permission in advance from ENT management. Those specifically precluded under any circumstances from registering for a preview to Energy News Today, are working journalists as employed by a newswire, newsletter, newspaper, magazine, periodical or any other such firm in the business of selling information pertaining to the U.S. petroleum market. Consultants and data-base operators and personnel are also herein excluded from applying for a free trial to ENT. Registering to ENT will generate an instantly verifiable data log traceable back to individual computers and computer locations. Violators of the aforementioned exclusions for previewing ENT will result in prosecution for legal, financial and punitive restitution commensurate with the offending party's affiliations and or organization. By agreeing to the terms included in the registration to Energy News Today, the undersigned hereby further agrees to pay any legal fees incurred by ENT arising out of the need to prosecute said party for wrongful admittance to the Energy News Today website as described above. The undersigned registrant also agrees to submit any and all disputes arising from wrongful use of this web-site to the judiciary of the state of New Jersey, specifically to the County Government of Ocean County, New Jersey. E-mail Address Policy We no longer automatically process submissions from new free trial subscribers using generic email addresses (including gmail, hotmail, yahoo, residential internet providers, and others). We do accept business, governmental, academic and other institutional addresses, and we always accept any address from an existing subscriber. Trials for new subscribers may still be requested with a generic address, but activation of the subscription will be contingent on further verification, and will take several business days.
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